EXTENT-2017: Videos and Presentations

The Market Open Ceremony in London Stock Exchange - Exactpro EXTENT Conference
EXTENT-2017: Market open
EXTENT-2017: Conference opening
Re-Engineering Capital Market Business Models to Use Different Technologies

Brian Taylor, Managing Director, BTA Consulting Limited (about)

FIX Orchestra, the Full Stop at the End of FIX and What That Means for You

John Greenan, CEO, Alignment Systems (about)

Putting AI to Test

Shalini Chaudhari, Managing Director, Technology, Accenture (about)

Non-Functional Testing: A Quest for The Big Button

Anna Khristenok, Head of Non-Functional Testing Department, Exactpro, LSEG (about)

Testing Tools Diversity: Yea or Nay?

Iosif Itkin, CEO, Exactpro, LSEG (about)
Tatiana Pavlyuk, NFT QA Team Lead, Exactpro, LSEG (about)

Climbing Out of the Stability Sinkhole - Survivor’s Guide

Sergei Poliakoff, CIO, Moscow Exchange (about)

Governance, Risk Management and Algorithm Testing to Meet RTS6 Requirements for MiFID II

Ian Salmon, Director, Ignite G2M

Implementation of MiFID II Testing Requirements by Trading Venues and Investment Firms

Matthias Burghardt, Head of Xitaro Exchange System Development, Boerse Stuttgart (about)

Panel: MiFID II & Software Testing Challenges

Moderator: Kirill Zagorouiko, COO, Exactpro, LSEG (about)
Sergei Pavlov, Senior QA Manager, Exactpro, LSEG (about)
Paul Burleton, Head of Strategy, Regulatory, Risk & Compliance, GFT (about)
Nick Idelson, Technical Director, TraderServe (about)
Bruno Lemière, CEO, Arche Informatique (about)
Brandon DeCoster, VP, Product Management, FIX Flyer (about)

Japan Exchange Group: ‘Grand Design’ for a New Clearing System

Peter Babucke, VP, IT Development, Clearing Systems, Japan Exchange Group (about)

MiFID II and Impacts on Trading Workflow

Ferdinando La Posta, Co-founder & CEO, GATElab (about)

Keep Investing in QA

Alexey Zverev, CEO, Exactpro, LSEG (about)

Panel: Advanced Testing in Financial Services: Applying Best Practices from Other Industries

Moderator: Iosif Itkin, CEO, Exactpro, LSEG (about)
Jim Northey, SVP Strategy & Research, Itiviti Group (about)
Denis Ignatovich, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Aesthetic Integration (about)
Rajan Bedi, CEO & Founder, Spacechips (about)
Milan Dvorak, Tradecope Department Director, Netcope Technologies (about)

Transformation Projects: Journey from Reality to Vision

Medha Kamat, Solution Architect, RiskIT, LCH (about)

Heterogeneous Computing Trends and Business Value Creation

Thayaparan Sripavan, Head of Hardware Accelerated Systems, MillenniumIT (about)

Software QA at ABN AMRO: It is Not about the Numbers

Jean-Paul van Deursen, CoE Consultant IT, ABN AMRO (about)
Anirban Ganguly, DA Lead for TCS, ABN AMRO relationship, Tata Consultancy Services (about)

Gap Testing: Combining Diverse Testing Strategies for Fun and Profit

Ben Livshits, Professor, Imperial College London (about)

Post-Trade Testing: Per Aspera ad Astra

Alyona Bulda, VP, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro, LSEG (about)

Testing in Distributed Ledger Systems

Arne Brutschy, CTO, RISE Financial Technologies (about)

Techniques for Trading on FPGA Enabled Switches

David Snowdon, Founder & CTO, Metamako (about)

Multi-Asset Trading Platform – Practical Aspects of Development and Testing

Danil Baburin, Head of QUIK Development, ARQA Technologies (about)

Independent QA in Agile

Anton Sitnikov, Chief Software Architect, Exactpro, LSEG (about)

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Sergei Poliakoff, CIO, Moscow Exchange
CIO, Moscow Exchange

Sergei Poliakoff is the Chief Information Officer and the Executive Board member of Moscow Exchange. Before joining Moscow Exchange, Sergei was based in New York, where he held senior management positions at AQS Financial Markets, Deutsche Bank, NatWest Securities and Morgan Stanley. He received a BS in Computer Science from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, and an MS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Iosif Itkin, CEO, Exactpro, LSEG
CEO, Exactpro, LSEG

Iosif is co-founder of Exactpro and has remained its Co-CEO after its acquisition by LSEG in May 2015. Iosif started his professional career as a software developer working on outsourcing projects for a number of US companies. In 2006, he joined a company specialising in providing Quality Assurance services for the financial industry as Head of Performance Testing and Test Automation projects done for a number of global investment banks and execution venues, including LSE Baikal. In 2009, Iosif co-founded Exactpro, an independent specialist firm focused on software testing for market infrastructures. He managed the first Exactpro project with LSEG: Turquoise migration to the MillenniumIT platform. He also created EXTENT Trading Technology Trends and Quality Assurance conference series, successfully launched by Exactpro in 2011. Iosif holds a Master of Science degree from the Theoretical Physics Department of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, graduated summa cum laude in 2001.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Matthias Burghardt, Head of Business Development Exchange Systems at Boerse Stuttgart
Head of Xitaro Exchange System Development, Boerse Stuttgart

Dr. Matthias Burghardt is head of the Xitaro exchange system development at Boerse Stuttgart. He is responsible for the future development of the system and the strategic provider management. In the implementation project for Xitaro, Boerse Stuttgart's trading system since 2015, he was responsible for Stakeholder Management, Functional Design and Test & Acceptance. Currently, he is heading Boerse Stuttgart’s MiFID II implementation project. Matthias has been with Boerse Stuttgart for more than 10 years. He holds a Master degree in Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology, a Diploma in Information Engineering and Management as well as a PhD in Business and Economics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Ferdinando La Posta, Co-founder and CEO, GATElab
Co-founder and CEO, GATElab

Mr. Ferdinando La Posta received his degree in electronics from Naples University in 1979 and soon joined the Olivetti operating systems group. In 1981 he became a member of the USA team responsible for designing and implementing the kernel of MOS operating system for the Olivetti L1 line products, on the file system area and the locking and recovery environment. Between 1984 to 1985 he joined the system architecture team, working on the definition of a DIP standard protocol (based on LU6.2) in ECMA TC32/TG2, whilst designing MOS operating system distributed architecture in a LAN environment. In 1985 he joined the Italtel Telematica PBX research and development group as Team Leader, in charge of all system aspects under UNIX for an integrated voice/data switching project. In January 1988, he moved to the system architecture group, as assistant to the research chief, where he worked on PBX networks sides. He also investigated the AI technology, defining and building Expert Systems for automatic features testing and PBX configuration. Ferdinando La Posta co-founded GATElab Group in 1989 with Antonio Caroselli with the vision to play a leading role in the adoption of emerging technologies to mission-critical areas such as finance. Since the early ’90s GATElab has been providing its customers, namely, exchanges, investment banks and hedge-funds, with state-of-the-art technologies in low-latency high-performance trading and information handling. The GATElab Group is now part of London Stock Exchange Group. Ferdinando has been appointed as the CEO to drive the international growth plans and to continue to expand GATElab offers in the low latency arena.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Danil Baburin, Head of QUIK Development, ARQA Technologies
Head of QUIK Development, ARQA Technologies

After graduating from Novosibirsk State University in 1998 Danil has joined Relativity Technologies where he used his skills of automatic graph visualization for re-engineering the large COBOL systems and helping the industry to overcome the year 2000 problem. Then, from 2001 he took part in developing QUIK – a leader in Russian DMA systems with more then 100 thousand screens all over the world. At present Danil is responsible for developing solutions that meet growing demands for complex infrastructure program solutions. For the last six years he has also been a member of the Technical Committee at the St.Petersburg Exchange.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - David Snowdon, Founder and CTO, Metamako
Founder and CTO, Metamako

David is a Founder and CTO at Metamako, with his core role comprising product and technology strategy at the company. His role liaising with customers about their needs gives him a unique view into the challenges faced by such firms. Prior to founding Metamako, David gained a wealth of experience working in and for HFT firms, optimising their network structures, network performance, and building performance hardware, gateware and software. He has a PhD in Operating Systems, looking at and taking advantage of the effect of frequency scaling on power and energy usage. Energy efficiency has long been an interest, with ten years spent designing, building and racing high performance solar powered cars in international events. David’s team formerly held the Guinness record for the world’s fastest solar powered vehicle.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Medha Kamat, Solution Architect, RiskIT, LCH
Solution Architect, RiskIT, LCH

Medha has extensive experience working in technology sector, developing and delivering projects around Market Risk, Credit Risk, Collateral Management and Portfolio Valuations. Before joining LCH Medha was a key contributor in delivering Market Risk project for Portfolio Swaps team in JPMorgan. Medha takes keen interest in Agile, LEAN, DevOps and emerging technologies. Medha is a cross functional individual with varied skill set in technology, stakeholder management and business. Currently she is exploring how to use this to help her team in driving the company's ‘Business Driven Transformation’ strategy.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - John Greenan, Chief Executive Officer, Alignment Systems
CEO, Alignment Systems

John Greenan is a commercially aware and creative technology disruptor, strategist, business analyst, developer and manager. He combines market knowledge, commercial/financial savvy, relationship building skills and an enviable contact list. He has considerable experience of buy-sides, sell sides, execution venues and exchanges. He works with multiple asset classes (fx, fixed income, equities, futures, options, money markets) building out electronic trading and the necessary workflow and business process changes. He is one of the driving forces pushing FIX Orchestra and created a proprietary predecessor FIIDL.

He has specialisations in: digital transformation, fixed income trading, strategy for trading systems/processes, market microstructure, OMS & EMS integration, ecosystem integration, connectivity, project management, business analysis, real-time systems and vendor relationship management.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Thayaparan Sripavan, Head of Hardware Accelerated Systems, MillenniumIT
Head of Hardware Accelerated Systems, MillenniumIT

Sripavan Thayaparan who is the Head of Hardware Accelerated Systems, MillenniumIT, will look into the exciting future of FPGA & GPUs. He will discuss how technological convergence in hardware acceleration would redefine HPC standards for the future. He will explain why new business needs will become the norm for this domain. He will highlight the importance of early investments needed, coupled with strategic plans to support business needs.

Thaya has Bachelor of Science of Engineering (Hons) degree, in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and holds Master’s in business administration.

He is highly experienced in design and development of distributed, fault tolerant high performance/low latency systems in both software and hardware. He played the instrumental role in introducing H/W accelerated system to LSEG.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Shalini Chaudhari, Managing Director – Technology, Accenture
Managing Director, Technology, Accenture

Shalini is Testing Services Lead for EALA (Europe, Africa and Latin America) and is part of Accenture Global Testing leadership. Leveraging her expertise in testing and quality engineering, coupled with Accenture’s Testing Services, she works with clients as they transform their testing organizations to align with latest trends in business and technology in today’s digital age. Shalini has been a leader in Accenture’s global Testing practice for more than a decade. Before moving to UK, she was India Testing Lead, a 20K Testing Practice. She was responsible for building capabilities for the practice, innovation to build new offerings and architecting testing solutions for clients across the globe. She has worked in professional services for 19 years, primarily in testing. She has played varied roles in test consulting and large scale delivery to ensure quality across software engineering lifecycle and stability for applications in production. Her diverse experience includes clients from Financial Services, Retail, Communications, Technology, Energy and Products spanning multiple technologies including ERP and packaged products. She is a frequent contributor to the area of Testing with participation as a speaker and panel member on testing conferences and symposiums.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Alexey Zverev, CEO, Exactpro, LSEG
CEO, Exactpro, LSEG

Alexey is co-founder of Exactpro and has remained its Co-CEO of the company after its acquisition by the LSEG in May 2015. Alexey started his professional career as a software quality assurance engineer in the Moscow division of a New York based company, specialising in providing enterprise network management solutions, where Alexey was promoted to a senior software architect on several off-the-shelf products. In 2004, Alexey joined a company focusing on providing QA services for the financial industry as a senior software developer to implement a test harness for testing the back-end of a major US broker's trading system. Promoted to the role of technical project lead and senior R&D manager, Alexey then oversaw a number of successful software releases as part of several developments, as well as test automation and consulting projects for a number of the company's clients. As VP of Technology, Alexey also lead the company's work on developing several in-house products, including a back-end systems tester and an interactive exchange simulator. In 2009, Alexey co-founded Exactpro, an independent specialist firm concentrating on software testing for market infrastructures. He manages a few external accounts of Exactpro, including software quality assurance and software development work done for one of the world's largest interdealer brokers in OTC financial and commodity related products. He is also coordinating several Post Trade quality assurance and related software development projects across the company. Alexey holds a Master of Science degree from the Theoretical Physics Department of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, graduated summa cum laude.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Paul Burleton, Head of Strategy, Regulatory, Risk & Compliance, GFT
Head of Strategy, Regulatory, Risk & Compliance, GFT

Paul has over 20 years of experience in both line and change management roles in Investment Banking operations. Paul has a successful track record in finding intellectual solutions to business problems and implementing new technology to support new businesses and process change, delivering efficiencies and ensuring regulatory compliance. Prior to GFT, Paul was a Managing Director at Barclays Capital where he was the Global Head of Equities Operations and in a career spanning more than 20 years, has previously held senior management roles in Equities and Prime Services Operations at Barclays, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Arne Brutschy, CTO, RISE Financial Technologies
CTO, RISE Financial Technologies

Arne is responsible for the development of a distributed ledger that is fit for post-trade processes around optimised asset issuance, settlement, recordkeeping and servicing. Scalability, performance, data-integrity, -residency, and -privacy are disciples he is mastering daily as engineer. Prior to RISE, Arne architected a series of secure blockchain services. Three of the top ten Bitcoin addresses of all time belong to the services he created. Arne holds a PhD in distributed artificial intelligence.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Alyona Bulda, VP, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro, LSEG
VP, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro, LSEG

Alyona graduated as Master of Science from Automation and Electronics Faculty of the Kostroma State Technological University (KSTU) in Russia. She began her professional career as a Quality Assurance Engineer and later was given the responsibilities of a Test Lead in Exactpro. Alyona has been heading QA projects involving various technologies utilised by firms in global financial markets industry - a leading European multilateral trading facility, one of the world's largest interdealer brokers in OTC financial and commodity related products, a premier technology solutions provider, to mention a few. She has also managed testing for LSEG FPGA-accelerated Market Data Dissemination platform.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Jim Northey, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Research at Itiviti Group AB
SVP, Strategy and Research, Itiviti Group AB

Jim Northey is a Senior Vice President of Strategy and Research focusing on Quality Assurance, Operations, and Standards at Itiviti Group AB. He is the co-chair of the FIX Global Technical Committee and is convener of ISO TC68/WG5 semantics. Jim is a past member of the US Treasury OFR Advisory Committee and the US CFTC Technology Advisory Committee Subcommittee on HFT. Jim holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Indianapolis and an M.S. in Financial Markets and Trading from Illinois Institute of Technology. Jim is an adjunct instructor of Finance at Michigan Technological University where he teaches Derivatives and Financial Engineering.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Anna Khristenok, Head of Non-Functional Testing Department, Exactpro, LSEG
Head of Non-Functional Testing Department, Exactpro, LSEG

Anna joined Exactpro as a Quality Assurance Engineer in 2012. She is leading Non-Functional testing for the London Stock Exchange, Turquoise and Oslo Børs. Anna had graduated as Master of Science from the Automation and Electronics Department of the Kostroma State Technological University (KSTU) in Russia.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Ben Livshits, Professor at Imperial College London
Professor, Imperial College London

Ben Livshits is a professor at Imperial College London and an affiliate professor at the University of Washington. Previously, he was a research scientist at Microsoft Research. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, he received a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Math from Cornell University in 1999, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2002 and 2006, respectively. Dr. Livshits' research interests include application of sophisticated static and dynamic analysis techniques to finding errors in programs.
Ben has published papers at PLDI, POPL, Oakland Security, Usenix Security, CCS, SOSP, ICSE, FSE, and many other venues. He is known for his work in software reliability and especially tools to improve software security, with a primary focus on approaches to finding buffer overruns in C programs and a variety of security vulnerabilities (cross-site scripting, SQL injections, etc.) in Web-based applications. He is the author of over 100 academic papers; Ben has also received dozens of patents and multiple tech transfer awards for bringing research in practice.
Lately, he has been focusing on topics ranging from security and privacy to crowdsourcing an augmented reality.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Denis Ignatovich, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Aesthetic Integration
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Aesthetic Integration

Denis Ignatovich has over a decade of experience in trading, risk management, quantitative modeling and complex trading system design. Prior to joining AI, he was head of the central risk trading desk at Deutsche Bank London. He holds an MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics and degrees in CS and Finance from UT Austin.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Tatiana Pavlyuk, NFT QA Team Lead, Exactpro, LSEG
NFT QA Team Lead, Exactpro, LSEG

Tatiana has a degree in Mathematics from the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Obninsk State Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering, part of the MEPhI National Research Nuclear University in Russia. She started working for Exactpro as a Quality Assurance Engineer in 2012. Tatiana has kept her focus on Non-Functional Testing (NFT), including the LSE and the Turquoise Surveillance Systems projects where she has been an NFT QA Team Lead for 2 years.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Anton Sitnikov, Chief Software Architect, Exactpro, LSEG
Chief Software Architect, Exactpro, LSEG

Anton is the Chief Software Architect at Exactpro, LSEG. Throughout his career, Anton has developed several FinTech-related test automation tools in different capacities. He joined Exactpro in 2013 to launch the creation of a Surveillance system testing tool. Anton has been involved in several test automation and software development projects for Exactpro clients. He holds an Engineering Degree from the The Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Sergei Pavlov, Senior QA Manager at Exactpro, LSEG
Senior QA Manager, Exactpro, LSEG

Sergey is a Senior QA Manager at Exactpro, LSEG. He has facilitated and led the testing project of Borsa Italiana migrating to the MIT Exchange technology and a few other migration projects. He currently manages Exactpro's consolidated QA team providing functional testing of the new MIT Exchange versions for LSE, BIT, EuroTLX, Turquoise, and Oslo Børs venues to ensure compliance with the MiFID II requirements. Sergey holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Applied Mathematics and Physics and a Master’s degree with Honors in Space Physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University).

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Jean-Paul van Deursen, Center of Expertise Consultant at ABN AMRO
CoE Consultant IT, ABN AMRO

Driven, curious, passionate IT person with 23 years of experience with IT in an enterprise setting. Moved from the status of super-nerd to a management position to combine technical expertise with the ability to motivate and coach people. Working in the Center of Expertise Software Development he developed and expanded the CoE SD into a team encompassing all major development techniques at ABN AMRO, by recruiting skilled resources and forging them into a team recognized by the ABN AMRO IT organisation as the authority on application development, CICD and code quality.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Peter Babucke, Vice President, Japan Exchange Group, IT Development
VP, IT Development, Clearing Systems, Japan Exchange Group

Peter Babucke is a project manager within Japan Exchange Group‘s (JPX) IT department, currently overseeing the development of a new state-of- the-art derivatives clearing system to be launched in 2018 in liaison with outside system providers. Before joining the IT clearing systems department, Peter worked in various other positions within JPX, mainly in product and infrastructure sales. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Tübingen and a master’s degree in finance and economics from the University of Hong Kong. Before joining JPX, Peter worked at Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Barclays Global Investors (now: Blackrock) and Deutsche Börse AG / Eurex.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Brian Taylor, Managing Director, BTA Consulting Limited
Managing Director, BTA Consulting Limited

Brian is Managing Director of BTA Consulting Limited (BTA) the most successful central markets consultancy group. Brian founded BTA in 1991 and since then BTA has advised more than 100 market, CCP/CSD, regulatory, intermediary and IT clients in over 60 markets.

While running BTA, Brian has also held a number of interim positions including:

  • Strategy Advisor to the CEO of SIX Swiss Exchange (2010-13);
  • Chief Finance and Technology Officer of PLUS Markets (2007-8);
  • CEO of the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (1999-00);
  • Interim Head of Finance for the Court Funds Office, Her Majesties Government managing a £7bn fund and £300mn of trust funds

BTA are currently working in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia on a range of projects of national importance. BTA is also researching the use of modern technologies and business processes in FX services and have also designed an innovative mobile securities trading, settlement and depository service operated by mobile network operators.

Brian qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen & Co, worked for Merrill Lynch and Price Waterhouse Consulting, prior to establishing BTA. Brian holds a First Class Honours Degree in Geography from the Victoria University of Manchester.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Jon Batty, Executive Director and Principal Consultant at GreySpark Partners
Executive Director and Principal Consultant, GreySpark Partners

Jon is co-head of GreySpark London and oversees GreySpark’s Business, Management and Technology Consulting functions. Jon commands strong industry experience within global capital markets business operations and technology.

Highly experienced across the full front to back trade life cycle, he is an expert in order & execution management, market & client connectivity, and electronic trading.

Jon’s experience extends to business analysis, project delivery & implementation, technology due diligence and competitor analysis. Jon is an accomplished technology manager, managing cross-region delivery teams.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Nick Idelson, Technical Director, TraderServe Limited
Technical Director, TraderServe Limited

Nick has over 30 years expertise in algo trading, including founding and managing teams for major banks and hedge funds as well as pioneering distributed algo trading and execution environments. Closely involved with trading regulation since 2003 including MiFID & MAR, Nick is Technical director of TraderServe which specialises in creating novel, practical and high-performing solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing financial markets. Nick provides thought leadership around regulation of Algo Trading and Market Abuse. He also speaks regularly on Best Execution. TraderServe's flagship product AlgoGuard is the first commercially available algorithm stability testing platform which prevents deployment of algos which contribute to market disorder or commit market manipulation.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Rajan Bedi, CEO & Founder of Spacechips, Author of Out-of-this-World Design and Keynote Speaker
CEO & Founder, Spacechips

Dr. Rajan Bedi is the CEO of Spacechips Ltd, a UK SME which designs Space Electronics for manufacturers of satellites and spacecraft around the world. Prior to founding Spacechips, Rajan headed the Mixed-Signal Design Group at Airbus Defence & Space in the UK for twelve years.
Spacechips also offers expert, due-diligence consulting services for private-equity fund managers considering investing in the global satellite industry.
Spacechips won High-Reliability Product of 2016 and has been shortlisted for Company of the Year, Startup of the Year and International Business of the Year.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Brandon DeCoster, Vice President of Product Management, FIX Flyer
VP, Product Management, FIX Flyer

Brandon is the Vice President of Product Management at FIX Flyer, and is a specialist in trade operations, UX, and the FIX Protocol. After earning a BS in Information Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology and working for years as a software engineer at IBM, he entered the financials in 2007 as an algorithm and dark pool engineer. An avid student of game theory and modern Human-Computer Interaction, he lectures widely.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Bruno Lemiere, CEO, Arche Informatique
CEO, Arche Informatique

Bruno is acting as CEO of Arche Informatique, an IT/Business consulting company specialized in activities of Central Banks, Exchanges, Clearing houses and Private banking groups.
In early 90s, Bruno started as a leader in some of the major European Exchanges electronic initiatives in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland.... In 1999, he joined Euronext to lead the development strategy of AtosEuronext in Asia, with a joint venture setup and number of successes across the region. In 2006, LCH called him to lead the merger of Equity clearing business. In 2010, Bruno joined the IDB Tradition to advise on group strategy (M&A, business models) and act as Director of Architecture and major projects such as TRAD-X, the IRS electronic platform. After two years as advisor of Target 2 Securities 4 central Banks program director, He is acting since then as Director for major initiatives, including MIFID II in the Private Banking sector with Société Générale & Barclays.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Kirill Zagorouiko, COO, Exactpro, LSEG
COO, Exactpro, LSEG

Kirill joined Exactpro Systems in December 2009 as Managing Director and head of the Moscow office. He previously worked as a Senior Project Manager for a company specializing in providing Quality Assurance services to customers in the financial services industry. Kirill has lead a series of complex QA projects for customers worldwide. His experience includes QA project management, project initiation and pre-sales, business analysis, business communications, training. A graduate of the Maurice Thorez Moscow State Linguistic University with a BA degree in translation and interpretation, Kirill has also studied multicultural communications at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Milan Dvorak, Tradecope Department Director, Netcope Technologies
Tradecope Department Director, Netcope Technologies

Milan is a Tradecope Department Director at Netcope Technologies, formerly FPGA department of INVEA-TECH company. He gained his experience working as a solutions architect of Tradecope, low-latency trading solution based on FPGA technology. Milan had been selected to tackle the challenge of building Tradecope even before graduating based on his academic achievements and work on research projects at Brno University of Technology, where he later received a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Networks.

EXTENT 2017 speaker - Anirban Ganguly, DA Lead for TCS, ABN AMRO relationship, Tata Consultancy Services
Anirban Ganguly
DA Lead for TCS, ABN AMRO relationship, Tata Consultancy Services

Anirban Ganguly has 13.5 years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry specializing in solution architecture, design and estimation methodologies. His current role is Delivery Assurance (DA) Lead for TCS - ABN AMRO relationship. He is a key member in ABN AMRO CoE Software Development responsible for evolving the Quality Assurance framework in-line with the ongoing enterprise Agile transformation. Anirban is co-author of a patent "Centralized Administration, Logging and Monitoring of processes in a UNIX platform" filed and granted under the Government of India - Patent Office.