Post Trade Complexity and Disruptive Testing

Marina Kudryavtseva, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro

Minium – Building a Startup Inside of Cinnober
Minium – Building a Startup Inside of Cinnober

Alexander Sehlin, CTO, Minium, a Cinnober Group Company (about)

Alexander Sehlin

Chief Technology Officer, Minium, a Cinnober Group Company

Before joining Cinnober in 2012, Alex worked 10 years managing teams building and supporting complex data-driven platforms at Lehman Brothers and Nomura. He now manages the Sweden based technology division at Minium.

QA of Risk Systems and Platforms
QA of Risk Systems and Platforms

Yvette Berman, Head of Market Risk QA, Environment and Release Management, Deutsche Bank (about)

Yvette Berman

Head of Market Risk QA, Environment and Release Management, Deutsche Bank

Yvette has 30 years’ experience across financial risk technology, which includes working at 3 Investment Banks including DB and a specialist consulting firm. She has spent the last 22 years specialising in QA and Testing and the last 9 years of that with Deutsche Bank. During that time she has built out QA functions across Deutsche Bank’s Risk Systems and has been a key influencer in defining, shaping and implementing the banks QA practices across Risk platforms. With a strong focus on regulation across the Bank, in 2014 Yvette moved from a role running QA across the banks Front Office Risk systems to building the QA and Testing, Environment and Release Management team’s years across Market and Counterparty Credit Risk.

QA of Risk Systems and Platforms

Regulation has been a key driver for change across investment banking systems, in particular those systems focused on Risk. Historically investment in Risk systems have been Front Office centric and changes in regulation has caused a shift in focus towards Risk Managements functions. The change in focus has meant build out of Risk Management systems focusing on control functions and reporting requirements. Risk systems are complex in terms of the data they present and challenging of testing. Yvette will provide an overview of the challenges of testing risk management systems in a changing technical and business environment.

Interview: Disruptive Technologies and Blockchain

Timothy Hogben, COO, ASX (about)

Tim Hogben

Chief Operating Officer, ASX Limited

Tim Hogben is the Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Tim has overall responsibility for the live service environment at ASX. This incorporates compliance with licensing conditions, execution of the organisations business strategy and delivering service excellence to customers. In addition to this he has responsibility for providing clearing and settlement services to Chi-X Australia, National Stock Exchange (NSX) and Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX).

He has a thorough understanding of the operational, technical and regulatory complexities that drive trading, clearing and settlement from both a stock exchange and market user perspective. This has been formed through considerable experience in service delivery, operational workflows, system development, control environments and managing "1 in 20 year" events.

More recently Tim has been exploring next generation technologies such as digital assets, distributed ledgers and block chain for potential use in financial services.

Post Trade Testing Complexity: By Design or By Choice?
Post Trade Testing Complexity: By Design or By Choice?

David Santais, Principal Consultant, Atos (about)

David Santais

Principal Consultant, Atos

Product Owner with 10 years experience in the build and provision of core systems for CCP and CSD including business architecture consulting for large market infrastructures and 7 years prior experience in Business Analysis, mostly Post Trade infrastructure. Specific areas of expertise are cash equities, listed derivatives, post trade & risk management. Original business background in Finance. Most recently (past 12 months) have been involved in large post-trade migration program and about to embark on new challenges.

Demo: ClearTH and Woodpecker

Dr. Elena Treshcheva, QA Analyst, Exactpro

TestOps Environments and Monitoring

Stanislav Klimakov, Senior NFT Analyst, Exactpro

The Route to Better Software, Sooner: A Perspective from QA Vector Research

Justyn Trenner, Director, QA Media (about)

Justyn Trenner

Corporate Development Director of QA Media, QA Vector

Justyn Trenner is Corporate Development Director of QA Media and responsible for the QA Vector research offerings. Prior to joining QA Media, Justyn built ClientKnowledge, a financial services research and advisory business, providing a range of market research, strategic and business development advice and quantitative trading solutions. Several leading banks developed their global markets and e-commerce strategy based upon this advice, while several regional banks based their automated pricing, real-time analytics and risk management on the innovative solutions. Justyn sold the business to ICAP plc in 2012 where his executive responsibilities included the build of hosted trading software solutions and also corporate acquisitions and development. After completing his earn-out, he has advised a range of financial technology startups and banks on strategy, corporate development and technology strategy. Justyn’s LinkedIn profile is at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justyntrenner/.

The Route to Better Software, Sooner: A Perspective from QA Vector Research

Justyn Trenner will explain that QA Vector Research clearly shows how financial institutions face the structural challenges of successful software quality assurance. He will focus his presentation on QA for trading platforms, discussing the specific challenges facing trading firms and also the challenges they face in common with firms in other financial market verticals. The presentation will conclude with some key recommendations for delivering better software, faster, all based on exclusive and recent customer research.

Exactpro Open Source Strategy
Exactpro Open Source Strategy

Dr. Maxim Rudovsky, CTO, Exactpro

Panel: Market Surveillance, Software Testing and Machine Learning
Panel: Market Surveillance, Software Testing and Machine Learning

Moderator: Anna-Maria Lukina, Business Development Director, Exactpro
John Greenan, CEO, Alignment Systems (about)
Kaushalya Kularatnam, Head of Quantitative Surveillance and Technology, London Stock Exchange Group
Liam Smith, Head of Market Supervision, London Stock Exchange Group (about)
Dr. Rostislav Yavorsky, Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence at Higher School of Economics (presentation)
Iosif Itkin, co-CEO and co-Founder, Exactpro (about)

Demo: Machine Learning Applied to Defect Report Analysis

Dr. Anna Gromova, Data Scientist, Exactpro (about)

Dr. Anna Gromova

Data Scientist, Exactpro

Anna graduated as Master of Science from the Automation and Electronics Department of Kostroma State Technological University (KSTU) in Russia. She defended her dissertation on Automation of Industrial Technological Processes at Vladimir State University (VlSU), Russia, in 2013.

Anna’s scientific interests focus on Classification and Cluster Analysis of Defect Reports. Her works have been published in the Springer’s Computer and Information Science edition. Anna also manages research projects and summer internships for the Computer Science students of the Higher School of Economics.

Machine learning applied to defect report analysis

A software project can have thousands of defects. Some people choose to see the ugliness in it, the disarray. We choose to see the beauty and... possibilities. There is a deeper meaning behind the swarms of software bugs. They contain some inner truth that needs to be discovered.

There are hidden links and interdependencies between different defect attributes. We apply machine learning and cluster analysis to reveal them. Nostradamus, a new analytical tool developed by Exactpro, will enhance the ability of QA, Software Developers, Project Managers and other IT specialists to manage their projects better.

Panel: Agile Cargo Cult and Fake Testing
Panel: Agile Cargo Cult and Fake Testing

Moderator: Alyona Bulda, Senior QA Project Manager, Exactpro
Mark Ryland, Experienced Industry Technology Leader (about)
Jeremy Norwood, Director of Project & Programme Management, Compagnie Financière Tradition
Phil Penhaligan, Head of Equity Product Technology, London Stock Exchange (about)
Alexander Sehlin, Chief Technology Officer, Minium, a Cinnober Group Company (about)
Alexey Zverev, co-CEO and co-Founder, Exactpro