Extent 2015: Trading Technology Trends & Quality Assurance Conference

Short Overview
Conference opening

Iosif Itkin CEO, Exactpro

Welcoming Message

Grigory Baytsur, Moscow Exchange

LSEG Technology Overview

Kirill Zagorouiko, COO,Exactpro

Pavel Sigov, Exactpro, Moldova
MiFID II / MiFIR: Projected Impact on Trading Technology and QA Challenges

Pavel Sigov, Exactpro, Moldova

Alexey Zverev, Exactpro CEO
Big Button 2.0

Alexey Zverev, CEO, Exactpro


Exactpro, QA
The Four Essential Elements of LSEG QA Solutions

Anna-Maria Lukina, Marketing Director
Sergey Pavlov, QA Analyst
Vladimir Panarin, ClearTH Development
Alexey Sukhov, QA Analyst
Luba Konnova, QA Analyst


Exactpro NFT
UnaVista Technology

Natalia Krykova, QA Analyst, Exactpro, UnaVista

Reconciliation Testing Aspects

Elena Moiseeva, QA Analyst, Exactpro

Risk controls and fpga

Vladimir Kurlyandchik
Efficient Risk Control - Challenges and Techniques

Vladimir Kurlyandchik, ARQA Technologies (about)

Following his graduation from the Novosibirsk State University, Vladimir started working in the Technical Directorate of the Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange. Soon he was a leading software developer and later became the head of the Software Department. Working at the Exchange Vladimir acquired vast experience of creating trading platforms for various assets – equities, bonds, derivatives, FX instruments. In 2000 Vladimir became one of the founders of ARQA Technologies in his new position of Business Development Director. ARQA Technologies develops ‘front to back’ solutions for banks, investment and management companies. Today the company is a leader in Russia and Ukraine in the field of solutions for trading and risk control. It offers connectivity technologies via direct gateways to exchange and OTC trading platforms or using partners’ technological networks. In the last few years the company's focus has been solutions for fast access to trading systems with online pre-trade control of operations. In the last 9 years Vladimir has been a member of the Moscow Exchange Technical Committee.
Milan Dvorak, Netcope Technologies
Tradecope - Low-Latency Solution for Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading

Milan Dvorak, Netcope Technologies (about)

Milan is a Tradecope Department Director at Netcope Technologies, formerly FPGA department of INVEA-TECH company. He gained his experience working as a solutions architect of Tradecope, low-latency trading solution based on FPGA technology. Milan had been selected to tackle the challenge of building Tradecope even before graduating thanks to his great study results and work on research projects at Brno University of Technology, where he later received a Master's degree in Computer Science and Computer Networks.
Hyper-Fast Trading

Michael Villain, Nanospeed (about)

Expert in Business Development/Planning, strategic account management, sales & marketing experience at senior executive level in the financial information & technology arena.
Villain joined NanoSpeed from low-latency trading solutions provider GATElab, where he was sales director. Prior to that, he served as vice president for business development for the EMEA region at Chi-X Global Technology, and held senior positions at MATIF, Reuters and Nyfix.
At NanoSpeed, Villain reports into the board of NanoSpeed, and focuses on developing the vendor's business among potential clients of its FPGAs for data, risk checks and trading.


Lessons Learned in Latency Measurement

Exactpro NFT

Leonid Zudov, Exactpro NFT

Exactpro NFT

Oleg Pavlikov, Exactpro NFT

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Alyona Bulda, QA, Exactpro

Milan Dvorak, Netcope Technologies
Michael Villain, NanoSpeed
Maxim Rudovsky, CTO, Exactpro
Ilgar Alekperov, Algo Trading Systems Architect
Vladimir Kurlyandchik, ARQA Technologies

Market surveillance systems

Real-time Market Surveillance for FX Markets

Daria Terentieva, QA Analyst, Exactpro, GATElab

A Test Harness for Algo Trading Systems

Victoria Leonchik, QA Analyst, Exactpro

Millennium Surveillance - Achieving Excellence

Anton Kryukov, QA Analyst, Exactpro


Prognoz Market Surveillance


Vyacheslav Arbuzov


Mikhail Nikulin

Software testing

Quality Assurance in Russia's National Settlement Depository (NSD)

Pavel Andrianov, National Settlement Depository

Blockchain and trading technology trends

Blockchain: New Frontiers

Nikolay Ratkov, Bits.Media

Matej Michalko
Blockchain Technologies: The Future of Publishing Will Have No Middleman

Matej Michalko, DECENT (about)

Matej’s interest in online privacy was fueled first while studying Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne where he completed a project concerning the privacy protection of mobile phone users for Nokia Research Center. Since then he became more and more involved with Bitcoin. Mining at his own laptop in the beginning, then organizing cryptocurrency conferences around the world (Austria, China, Belgium, UK, …). He also founded the first Bitcoin Marketing agency in the world. Matej has operated from multiple countries, including the UK, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Slovakia or China. Since the beginning he is passionate about the immense potential of blockchain technologies. Thereby, he founded DECENT last year.

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Iosif Itkin, CEO, Exactpro

Dark Side
Matej Michalko, DECENT
Nikolay Ratkov, Bits Media
Artem Duvanov
Anton Sitnikov, Exactpro

Artificial intelligence

Nikolay Marin
Cognitive Business: New Era for Technologies

Nikolay Marin, IBM Academy of Technology

Closing remarks

Iosif Itkin, CEO, Exactpro