EXTENT-2018 Meetup: ML in Defect Report Analysis

August 7, 2018

Dr. Anna Gromova, Data Scientist with Exactpro, gave an introduction to Nostradamus — the company’s latest solution and first AI project — in her talk on Machine Learning at EXTENT-2018 Meetup on 20 June 2018 in London.

"There are hidden links and interdependencies between different defect attributes. With Nostradamus, we get to leverage machine learning and cluster analysis to reveal them. The new analytical tool developed by Exactpro aims to enhance the ability of QA, Software Developers, Project Managers and other IT specialists to manage their projects better and faster by getting more accurate predictions of the defect metrics.” In her presentation, Anna paraphrases the words from Westworld — a popular HBO show —  saying, “A software project can have thousands of defects. Some people choose to see the ugliness in it, the disarray... We choose to see the beauty and... possibilities…"


Anna Gromova’s BIO

Anna graduated as Master of Science from the Automation and Electronics Department of Kostroma State Technological University (KSTU) in Russia. She defended her dissertation on Automation of Industrial Technological Processes at Vladimir State University (VlSU), Russia, in 2013.

Anna’s scientific interests focus on Classification and Cluster Analysis of Defect Reports. Her works have been published in the Springer’s Computer and Information Science edition. Anna also manages research projects and summer internships for the Computer Science students of the Higher School of Economics.