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Next MOST Working Group Meeting

October 22, 2019

Next MOST Working Group Meeting

The new FIX Trading Community’s MOST (Monitoring, On-boarding and Software Testing) working group created in August will meet on Thursday, 24 October, at 12pm ET/5pm UK.
The group will initially busy itself with building a list of available commercial and open-source tools and methods to use for the monitoring, onboarding and software testing of FIX-related applications. Once the initial scope of work is delivered, the group will work on developing technical guidelines aimed at increasing the quality and reliability of platforms.
If you are already a member of the FIX Trading Community please contact FIX Program Office for dial-in details. If you are interested in contributing to MOST and other important initiatives, do join FIX Trading Community.  
The Agenda for the upcoming meeting will include the following topics:

  • Agenda walk through and initial scope reminder
  • Introduction of new co-Chair – Krishna Tharnoju, Pictet
  • Presentation by Justyn Trenner, QA-Vector 500 – the comprehensive index of the testing world
    • What it covers and how to use it 
    • Benchmarking Quality – how we are beginning to work with client-side to measure their overall quality
  • FIX monitoring, onboarding and software testing Survey planning


About MOST
The Monitoring, On-boarding and Software Testing (MOST) Working Group was recently formed by the FIX Trading Community Members operating or working with global systemically important FMIs and looking to benefit from collaboration on finding innovative ways to approach quality assurance for FIX-based platforms.



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