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November 30, 2015

The EXTENT Conference organized by Exactpro, part of London Stock Exchange Group's Technology Services Division, concluded its work on 11 November 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The next EXTENT conference will take place on 22 June 2016 in the LSE Headquarters, Paternoster Square, London. The main topic of EXTENT-2016 will be Software Testing and Trading Technology Trends.

The event's 2015 program included presentations and round tables devoted to software development of program and hardware platforms used at exchanges, brokerages, investment banks and other trading participants, with focus on quality assurance and efficiency. The list of speakers included representatives of Moscow Exchange, ARQA Technologies, Netcope Technologies, NanoSpeed, PROGNOZ, National Settlement Depository (NSD) of Russia, Bitcoin Security (Bits.Media), DECENT, IBM Academy of Technology, and Exactpro. In 2015, the conference program included 20 sessions, we had 32 speakers and 118 attendees.

In particular, some of the topics we covered were:

- LSEG Technology and Quality Assurance
- Risk controls and FPGA
- Market Surveillance systems
- Software testing
- Blockchain and trading technology trends
- Artificial intelligence

Our warmest thanks for making the conference a success go out to all guests, speakers, attendees, general partners (LSEG, Moscow Exchange, GATElab, PFSOFT, Exactpro) and numerous media and HR partners.

Let us also extend our special and huge Thank You! to Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbSPU) for supporting us this year.

All EXTENT-2015 conference materials are now available on our conference web-site: www.extentconf.com

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We look forward to seeing you at EXTENT-2016 in London.