2021, New York

Susquehanna International Securities, Ltd. becomes Market Maker on TOM MTF

Susquehanna International Securities, Ltd. (SIS), a member of the Susquehanna International Group of Companies (SIG), a leading global trading firm in financial products, has signed a market maker agreement with TOM MTF. SIS’s commitment to become a full market maker signifies the importance of TOM MTF in the Dutch derivatives market.

The continuous growth in liquidity and stable platform of TOM MTF make it a very attractive trading venue for both liquidity providers and end-users. “as our market share is often higher than 50% in individual names or the index, we find that international trading houses are taking note and want to participate”, says Willem Meijer, CEO at TOM MTF. John Keogh, Co-Chair of SIG’s European Management Committee said: “Having traded on TOM MTF since November 2014, we think now is a good time to increase our presence on and commitment to TOM MTF as a market maker”

About TOM (The Order Machine)

TOM is a trading venue in The Netherlands offering equity and options trading and aiming at optimal competition between markets. To be able to guarantee best execution of client orders, TOM developed a search engine (‘TOM Smart Execution') which compares prices, faster than a blink of an eye, between markets. TOM Smart Execution then executes the order against the best available price. TOM has established a substantial market position in equity and options trading. The shareholders of TOM are: ABN AMRO Bank, BinckBank, IMC, Nasdaq OMX and Optiver.

About the Susquehanna International Group of Companies (SIG)

SIG is a global quantitative trading firm founded with an entrepreneurial mindset and a rigorous analytical approach to decision making. Founded in Philadelphia in 1987, SIG established a European headquarters in Dublin in 1999 and now have over 300 employees working in Trading, Technology, Research, Operations, Compliance, Risk, Legal, Finance and HR. SIG commits its own capital to trade financial products around the world.