2021, New York

Exactpro is to participate in The Trading Show New York 2014

Iosif Itkin, Managing Director of Exactpro Systems LLC, will join the panel discussions on the future of the trading connectivity.

What`s next in connectivity?

  • Market access: speed vs. reliability
  • Next generation methods: microwaves vs. lasers
  • Are Balloons realistic?
  • Improving routes, data rates and bandwidth


Keyvan Azami, Director, Head of Electronic Trading and Algorithmic Technology, Barclays Capital
Keyvan Azami manages the global technology team for Fixed Income Rates electronic and algo trading at the investment bank division of Barclays. Amongst his achievements, Keyvan Azami has been the driver for Rates technology implementation of the Swap Execution Facility programme at Barclays. Prior to his current role, Keyvan was responsible for the Rates Trade Capture and OTC Clearing technology group, driving the strategy for trade processing and derivatives clearing. In particular his efforts led to successful implementation of regulatory reporting and mandatory clearing requirements in recent years.

Thibaut Ribes, Head of Market Access Electronic Market Making IT Team, Societe Generale.
Head of ITEC Electronic Market Marking group development and Infra for SG Americas After 5 years in Paris dedicated to build Algo library, Market access connectivity and PreTrade SDMA/DMA solution for market making group, moved to NY for SG to take the lead on Electronic Market Making group in charge of providing market connectivity and dedicated tailored made algo system for any kind of assets classes and shared by EMM Business Line WW.
Josh Levy, Managing Director, Tactical Asset Management
Josh Levy is the Managing Director of Tactical Asset Management LLC (part of the Tactical Group) and has over 19 years of FX-specific trading and technology experience. Mr. Levy has served as an institutional foreign-exchange trader at Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) in New York & Tokyo, as Managing Director of the FX Trading division of the SunGard STN Transaction Network (NYSE: SDS) and as a co-founder of the seminal FX ECN MatchbookFX (A division of GlobalNet Financial - NASDAQ: GLBN). Prior to founding Tactical Asset Management, Mr. Levy was the President of CMC Markets which is the world's largest internet dealer in FX and other derivatives. Mr. Levy has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets including the Washington Post, CNBC, Marketwatch.com, The International Herald Tribune and The Wall St Journal for his perspective on the currency markets, e-FX trading and the financial markets at-large. More info about Tactical Asset Management LLC, and the Tactical Group, can be found at www.Tactical-Group.com
Iosif Itkin, Owner

Iosif Itkin in LinkedIn
Mr Iosif Itkin, Managing Director, Exactpro Systems
Iosif is Managing Director of Exactpro Systems LLC, a specialist firm focused on functional and non-functional testing of trading systems, data distribution, risk management, market surveillance and post-trade infrastructures. Iosif manages business development and research in the high load trading systems reliability field. He has organized and participated in several industry conferences, including EXTENT - Trading Technology Trends and Quality Assurance. In his current role, Iosif is actively involved in delivering strategic software testing initiatives. Prior to founding Exactpro Systems LLC in 2009, Iosif was responsible for performance testing and test automation projects for LSEG Baikal, Equiduct and several global investment banks. More information about Exactpro Systems is here: www.exactpro.com