2021, New York

Regulated Software Testing - Griffin Jones - TISQA 2014

Regulated software is consequential software, subject to authoritative outside review. Even experienced software testers can have an Alice-In-Wonderland feeling the first time they test a regulated product.

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Many aspects of software testing are surprisingly exactly the same as testing unregulated software, while others are surprisingly completely different. Why is that? What parts are surprisingly similar or different? Griffin shares experiences of testing FDA regulated systems, and similar software (e.g., financial systems, aircraft controls, insurance, and online gaming) – drawing examples from the participants of the Workshop on Regulated Software Testing (WREST), and himself. We examine the what, why, and how certain software is regulated - and the duties imposed on companies and individuals. We highlight some of the surprising aspects, such as: test design and execution; tools and automation; accuracy and rigor; traceability and authorization; evidence and record keeping; the halting problem; process standardization and predictability; human variability and adaptability; technology choices; morality and ethics; and business pressures. Leave with more insight into and less surprise about the challenges of testing regulated software. Griffin Jones An agile tester, trainer, and coach, Griffin Jones provides consulting on context-driven software testing and regulatory compliance to companies in regulated and unregulated industries. Recently, he was the director of quality and regulatory compliance at iCardiac Technologies which provides core lab services for the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the safety of their potential new drugs. Griffin was responsible for all matters relating to quality and FDA regulatory compliance including presenting the verification and validation (testing) results to external regulatory auditors. He is currently a host of the Workshop on Regulated Software Testing (WREST). Reach Griffin at griffin.jones@congruentcompliance.com