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CCP Austria successfully launches new Clearing System

June 30, 2020

CCP Austria successfully launches new Clearing System
  • CCP Austria, the Clearing House of the Vienna Stock Exchange, has implemented the new clearing system provided by CC&G, the Italian CCP
  • Enhanced settlement functionality, aligned with T2S market standards and compliant with CSDR requirements

Vienna, 29 June 2020 - CCP Austria successfully launched the new clearing solution provided by CC&G, the Italian CCP and Member of London Stock Exchange Group. The new clearing system offers state-of-the-art clearing operations for all transactions executed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

The new clearing system is fully aligned with the T2S (TARGET2-Securities) market standards related to the settlement of securities transactions, including handling of corporate actions and settlement fails. Furthermore, it supports the implementation of new regulatory requirements related to the CSD (Central Securities Depository) Regulation and the Settlement Discipline Regulation.

Harmonisation creates efficiency

The achieved harmonisation with T2S market standards improves operational processes and timeframes in clearing for all market participants. The proven risk management functionality has become an integral part of the new clearing system. “Turbulent times like these, prove how important prudent and robust risk management is and we are pleased to continue providing our tried and tested risk management to all customers," says Kalina Jarova-Müller, Managing Director of CCP.A.

The extended cooperation with CC&G as a service provider enables CCP Austria to use synergies to efficiently cover future developments and the numerous regulatory requirements. Marco Polito, CEO of CC&G is looking forward to continue the close collaboration with CCP.A post go-live: “We are delighted to announce this strategic milestone with CCP Austria. This initiative demonstrates CC&G as a trusted service provider as well as a traditional CCP.”

Wolfgang Aubrunner, Managing Director of CCP Austria explains: “The implementation of the new clearing system underlines our sustained commitment to provide safe and efficient clearing and risk management services to the Austrian capital market”.

About CCP Austria

CCP Austria, a joint subsidiary of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) and Wiener Börse AG, was founded in 2004 and acts as a central counterparty pursuant to §26 (3) Stock Exchange Act. CCP Austria was authorized on August 14, 2014 as a central counterparty pursuant to Article 17 of Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 (EMIR).

As Financial Market Infrastructure, CCP Austria guarantees a proper and transparent handling of transactions concluded at Wiener Börse AG. CCP Austria contributes to a strong and internationally competitive domestic capital market by reducing securities settlement and risk costs and facilitates the market access for new investors and market participants. 

Source: CCP Austria